7 Homes You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

7 Homes You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Who says houses have to be ordinary? The world is full of some wild, crazy and interesting homes. Here’s a sampling of some of the wildest.

Gary Chang’s Transforming Apartment

Gary Chang is an innovative architect from Hong Kong, so it’s no surprise that the home he designed for himself stands out from the crowd. This tiny apartment is small than you can imagine – just 105 square feet – but it holds a secret. The walls move and unfold, allowing the apartment to take on 24 unique configurations, each with storage space and more. It’s like something out of science fiction!

The Skateboard House

Designed by Pierre Andre Senizergues and planned to be located in Malibu, the Skateboard House is designed so that the entire interior is skate-able. The walls are curved to meet the floors. The entire interior is one big half pipe. Shelving and seating are designed to also be launch ramps and the like. It would be an off place to live, that’s for sure!

Smith Tower, Seattle

From the outside, you wouldn’t think much of this building. You wouldn’t even realize it’s a house. But the top of this landmark tower is marked by a pyramid, and the inside of that pyramid contains an elaborate multi-level apartment with dazzling views of the city. Not even a NJ house raising project is going to lift you that high!

France’s Bio-Climatic Solar Home

Located in Eastern France, this unusual house looks like a giant satellite dish half-buried in the ground. It’s unusual shape means it would be difficult to perfect a New Jersey house lifting upgrade on it, but it probably needs no such upgrades. The house is a three-dimensional sundial that can cool itself during the summer while warming itself during the cooler months. Hooray for science!

The Keret House, Poland

You’re probably not going to want to live in this one. The Keret House is famous for being possibly the smallest house in the world. Wedged in the narrow space between two buildings, it’s only about 150 centimeters wide! Despite this, it has multiple levels and space for working and sleeping. It was designed by Jakub Szczęsny.

Minnesota’s Foam House

While people are busy doing house raising in New Jersey, people in Minnesota are building houses from foam! The so-called foam house is a two-bedroom, three-bath house molded and shaped to resemble a cave on the inside. The home has pretty much no right angles inside, and square footage is hard to estimate, but it’s as spacious as it is unusual.

Brooklyn’s Clock Tower

With amazing views of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, the Clock Tower in Brooklyn hides a triplex penthouse up top that boasts 7,000 square feet of space and its own private elevator. The interior is distinctly modern, with large windows overlooking the whole city. And hey, it will only run you a cool $18 million to get the place. You can afford that, right?