6 Simple Home Security Tips

These days, you can’t be too careful. You take pride in your home. You cherish your irreplaceable belongings and want to keep your family safe.

Doing that begins with some easy home security tips. And we really do mean easy. These are things everyone should take to heart, because doing so will make them, their family, and their belongings far safer.

Don’t Announce Your Vacations on Social Media – These days, many homes are broken into because people announce on social media that they are away from home. It may feel fun to show people how much you’re enjoying your life, but save it for when you get home. When you do it while you’re still away, you’re telling the world that your house is empty. And no, it doesn’t matter if you think only your friends can see. Assume anything you put on the Internet can be seen by anyone.

Turn Down The Volume Of Your Ringers When You Leave – A common tactic burglars use is to case a house, get the phone number, and then call from outside to be sure you’re not home. If they can hear that the phone keeps ringing, they know you’re not there.

Stop Mail Delivery When You Leave For More Than A Few Days – Your mail piling up is another sure sign that you’re not home. It’s something burglars look for and a way they know what houses to target. The Post Office can stop mail delivery for you, which will eliminate the problem.

Tell A Trusted Neighbor You’re Leaving – “Trusted” is a key word, of course. Telling a neighbor you’ll be gone gives you a set of eyes watching your house when you’re gone. They can keep an eye open for suspicion people, ensure unexpected deliveries aren’t left on your porch, thereby telling the world that you’re gone, and on so on. They can keep eyes on your house where Network cameras NJ can’t.

Use Visual Deterrents – Signs like “Beware of Dog,” “security cameras in use,” and signs from security companies can aid in encouraging some potential criminals from skipping over your house in the first place. Even seeing the sight of some Network cameras NJ can scare them away. When criminals are casing houses, small things like that can make a difference.

Use Your Landscaping To Deter Break Ins – Believe it or not, your landscaping can be a help when it comes to preventing break ins. Deep bushes and thorny hedges around the windows make it more difficult to get in, and anything that makes life more difficult for criminals is a mark in your favor. Just make sure that same landscaping doesn’t give burglars an easy place to hide from outside eyes, such as your neighbors.

Any other good suggestions? Feel free to contact us, we’d love to hear them!