7 Homes You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

7 Homes You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Who says houses have to be ordinary? The world is full of some wild, crazy and interesting homes. Here’s a sampling of some of the wildest.

Gary Chang’s Transforming Apartment

Gary Chang is an innovative architect from Hong Kong, so it’s no surprise that the home he designed for himself stands out from the crowd. This tiny apartment is small than you can imagine – just 105 square feet – but it holds a secret. The walls move and unfold, allowing the apartment to take on 24 unique configurations, each with storage space and more. It’s like something out of science fiction!

The Skateboard House

Designed by Pierre Andre Senizergues and planned to be located in Malibu, the Skateboard House is designed so that the entire interior is skate-able. The walls are curved to meet the floors. The entire interior is one big half pipe. Shelving and seating are designed to also be launch ramps and the like. It would be an off place to live, that’s for sure!

Smith Tower, Seattle

From the outside, you wouldn’t think much of this building. You wouldn’t even realize it’s a house. But the top of this landmark tower is marked by a pyramid, and the inside of that pyramid contains an elaborate multi-level apartment with dazzling views of the city. Not even a NJ house raising project is going to lift you that high!

France’s Bio-Climatic Solar Home

Located in Eastern France, this unusual house looks like a giant satellite dish half-buried in the ground. It’s unusual shape means it would be difficult to perfect a New Jersey house lifting upgrade on it, but it probably needs no such upgrades. The house is a three-dimensional sundial that can cool itself during the summer while warming itself during the cooler months. Hooray for science!

The Keret House, Poland

You’re probably not going to want to live in this one. The Keret House is famous for being possibly the smallest house in the world. Wedged in the narrow space between two buildings, it’s only about 150 centimeters wide! Despite this, it has multiple levels and space for working and sleeping. It was designed by Jakub Szczęsny.

Minnesota’s Foam House

While people are busy doing house raising in New Jersey, people in Minnesota are building houses from foam! The so-called foam house is a two-bedroom, three-bath house molded and shaped to resemble a cave on the inside. The home has pretty much no right angles inside, and square footage is hard to estimate, but it’s as spacious as it is unusual.

Brooklyn’s Clock Tower

With amazing views of Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, the Clock Tower in Brooklyn hides a triplex penthouse up top that boasts 7,000 square feet of space and its own private elevator. The interior is distinctly modern, with large windows overlooking the whole city. And hey, it will only run you a cool $18 million to get the place. You can afford that, right?

6 Great Jersey Shore Towns You HAVE To Visit

6 Great Jersey Shore Towns You HAVE To Visit

Don’t let the tainted term “Jersey Shore” fool you. The coastal areas of New Jersey are a beautiful, relaxing place where people enjoy the beach lifestyle in friendly, down to Earth communities. It’s no wonder that real estate at the shore is in high demand. It’s also no wonder why people already living there are willing to invest in home improvements like new deck, landscaping, NJ house raising, and more.

Because once you live at the shore, you never want to live anywhere else!

Don’t believe us? Take a look at these 6 fantastic Jersey Shore communities:


Located just north of Toms River, this sleepy little beachfront community is nestled between the Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. It enjoys a close proximity to shore hotspots like Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights, but is itself a quiet town with plenty of local shops and neighbors who know one another. It’s a beautiful place to relax.  If you are looking for a Lavallette rental, check out Birchler Realtors.

Ocean Beach

Technically part of Toms River, the quaint bungalows that make up most of Ocean Beach make this the perfect community for summer rentals or affordable retirements. Drive around Ocean Beach right now and you’ll see a number of New Jersey house lifting projects in progress, evidence that people are investing in their homes in order to make them better able to weather major storms and flooding.

Beach Haven

This subdued community on Long Beach Island is as beautiful as it is quiet. It’s a small town in which everyone knows their neighbor. Longtime residents are common. It’s the ideal place to live if you like to have good friends nearby. Even better, it boasts easy access to the attractions in places like Barnegat and other nearby LBI communities.  Chambers & Lackey is a great LBI Realtor if you need help with real estate on the island.  NJ Paddle Board Rentals also delivers stand up paddle boards to the LBI area.

Cape May

This historic town is filled with old inns, bed and breakfasts, and romantic getaways. Doing house raising in NJ here makes sense, since people invest so much into their properties. Many of these home have been here since the 19th Century. This is a fantastic place to get away from it all, with great boat tours, secluded places to eat, and more.

Asbury Park

Asbury Park is back and in a big way. Once run down and decrepit, this town is now thriving with great restraints, shops, art galleries and more. It’s a town ideal for hip young people. The bar scene is excellent, the music scene even better, and there are good apartments available. If ever there was a welcome return to form at the shore, it’s the return of Asbury Park.


Sometimes called “The Wildwoods,” though that actually refers to several towns, Wildwood and the surrounding towns showcase the fun side of the Jersey Shore. With a lengthy boardwalk packed with games and rides and places to eat, and a town filled with things to do, eat, drink, see and enjoy, Wildwood is a weekender’s perfect getaway. No wonder it’s such a popular destination!

As you can see, the Jersey Shore is more than night clubs and boardwalks. It’s varied and interesting enough for almost anyone!

The 4 Best Reasons To Raise Your New Jersey Home

If you are living on or near the coast of New Jersey, it’s likely you have heard about house raising in New Jersey. After all, it’s one of the most common major home improvements of the last few years, prompted in part by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

House lifting NJ operates on a simple concept: by jacking a home up and placing it onto a taller foundation, the structure is better protected against floods.

With that in mind, it should be obvious why house lifting in New Jersey has been such a common sight in recent years.

But there are other reasons to pursue a NJ elevating raising project, reasons you might not have considered. Here are just a few:

1) To Save Money On Flood Insurance

In some ways, this one comes down to common sense. When your home is better protected against floods, you will pay less money on flood insurance premiums. This is actually codified in the law, too. Flood insurance is administered through the federal government, and how well a structure meets mean flood plain elevations as outlined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) the higher or lower a property owner’s insurance is going to be. If your NJ house raising project puts you well above those elevations, expect to pay very little for insurance.

2) To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Some of the most desirable property in New Jersey is property that is on or near the water. There is no need to explain why. For most people, the reasons why living on the water is desirable are self evident. Of those waterfront properties, the most desirable will be those that have been improved – especially if they have been improved in such a way that they are prepared for what Mother Nature has too throw at it. This is a big reason why you see so much house raising in NJ. Because smart property owners invest in their property’s future.

3) To Improve Your Waterfront Views

Imagine you have a home near the water, maybe a block or so from the Barnegat Bay. It’s a nice home in a nice area, and you appreciate easy access to all the shore has to offer. Still, it’s not exactly ON the water, is it? Sitting in your backyard, you’d never even know you were near the bay or ocean. Now imagine it eight feet higher off the ground. Suddenly, you can wake in the morning, look out your bedroom window, and look out across the water. That’s why you moved to the shore in the first place!

4) To Get More Usable Space

One happy result of a New Jersey house raising project is that you create a wealth of new space in your home without having to build an addition. With modest raising projects of just a few feet you’ll greatly increase your storage space, perfect for kayaks, summer furniture and items like that. Go even taller and you create space you can actually USE. Work areas, rec rooms, car ports and more can make that space a big plus for your home.

All in all, considering these benefits it’s easy to see why New Jersey house lifting is such a popular home improvement these days.